Small Businesses Need Photos Too

My partner Kristen and I run a kids and young adult bookshop called Squishy Minnie Bookstore where we live in Kyneton. Kristen is the heart and soul of the place and an incredible number of people come into our space and tell her how wonderful her social media is. I think that’s partly the beautiful and enthusiastic way Kristen writes but there’s always comments about how great our photographs are too. I’ve always known the personal power of good imagery but having seen the positive impact of it on our small business, it’s just one other thing that can help you on your way to greater things.


So What's the Dealio?

What I really want to do is to help passionate people show off what they have created. Whether that be a physical shop, an online store or anything in-between, if you are excited by what you do, I can help. I’ll take some photos of you (and your staff/colleagues/business partners/buddies), a few of your space (if you have one) and then some shots of your products/food/drinks/whatevers! Scroll down to see just a little of what I have done already – if this is what you can see for yourself, get in touch.

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Staff + Space + Products
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