Hello there.

I’m a photographer who lives in Melbourne, Australia that loves taking photographs. Even though I’m taking a photo of a waterfall in this photo here, I’m usually better at photographing people, particularly those getting married or sharing their love! I believe that a wedding should be unique, fun, inspirational and a chance to rejoice in the commemoration of a relationship, regardless of the two peoples’ sex/gender! I’m totally into celebrations and weddings that are a bit different, alternative, quirky, vintage, classy or elegant and I always love it when the occasion truly represents the relationship and personalities of the two people.

As a wedding photographer, I get to experience in one of the most significant days in a lot of people’s lives so it’s something I take pretty seriously! I promise that I will wear pants. And I won’t make you pretend to do anything cheesy. Or ask your friend who is doing the music at the reception to play Guns N’ Roses songs (actually, that one is a lie). But most importantly, I promise that you will end up with AWESOME wedding photos (check some out 1, 2) taken completely casually and without fuss. It’ll be like having a friend there taking photos (but I won’t drink all your beer) – how awesome huh?

If this sounds like what you’re after (and seriously, who wouldn’t!?), get in touch. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel from my home in Melbourne to the end reaches of this beautiful land and all the way to 13 countries (and counting!) worldwide to photograph destination weddings so nowhere is too far away!
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Melbourne Wedding Photographer Lakshal Perera